Grow your mini empire with a podcast, vlog, or online course

Whoever said it was easy to run your own production studio?

So, you’ve decided to start a podcast or record your own course or vlog. But you didn’t know it was this hard. You’ve spent long hours planning, recording, and re-recording to get the perfect take. And then a door slams or the squirrels start chirping outside, or someone walks in to join your conversation (Yeah, been there). 

You love meeting other fascinating entrepreneurs, but you don’t lovethe technical, behind-the-scenes work to make you sound like you’re not recording with a tin can in a bowling alley. You wish that there was someone you could hand off your raw takes to, so that you can concentrate on your zone of genius.

We're also online business owners and we know how important it is to show up regularly and give your audience high-quality content that makes you look like a pro. We also blog, vlog, and record courses. And we do it with a team, because we value doing things well and staying on schedule.

Our Process

Cool, so how does it work?

Meet with us

We'll send you a questionnaire and have a phone call to learn more about your business and your #growthgoals. Then, we'll suggest our best package and talk about how we can best work together.

we edit to perfection

We'll take your original audio or video files and edit them fit your project description. We'll give them back to you in ready-to-publish files, or upload them ourselves with one of our maintenance packages.

Go Live + Grow

You get to sit back and become the star because your polished podcast, vlog, or course makes you look and sound like a real pro. Once you've set up the system, there's no telling where you'll go!

Podcast Editing MakeBe


Podcast Editing

Our trained audio engineer will use his magic ears to fine-tune your audio recordings and take out the awkward moments so your shows are better-paced, engaging, and easy-on-the-ears. Here are some things we can improve on: 

  • Cut out awkward silences
  • Take out unnecessary ums, aws, and mistakes
  • Remove background noise to the best of our abilities
  • Do EQ, compression, mixing, and mastering,
  • Add your intros, outros, and commercials
  • Add your royalty-free music



  • Show notes
  • Time stamps
  • Podcast graphics
  • Show uploading

Monthly packages start at $199 for 4 shows

Vlog and Course

Video Editing

Whether you’re creating weekly vlogs or you’re working on that mega signature course, we’ve got your covered with our video editing services. Because there’s nothing more ridiculous than watching yourself mess up on the same sentence 20 times. Let us handle the editing for you while you come up with the interesting scripts:

  • Adding video intro and outros
  • Editing out mistakes, stuttering
  • Correcting sound levels and removing background noise
  • Sync sound to slide desks, separate footage
  • Show notes and timestamps
  • Upload to YouTube or your course platform
  • Cover art and promotional graphics

Monthly packages start at $199 for 4 vlogs

Get in touch to talk about a custom course package

MakeBe Video Editing Service

All your questions, answered

We’ll iron out all these details when we start working together and share our easy process with you for giving your raw files and getting your edited recordings.

We can use a lot of different programs, but we like to edit in Logic Pro or Adobe Audition (for audio) and Final Cut or Premier Pro (for video). We can also use iMovie, but so can you 😉 

Turn-around times depend on work load and your deadline. Get in touch with us to talk about meeting your production schedule.

Our managed plans include uploading your audio or video to your podcast streaming service, YouTube, or your online course platform. Get in touch for details. 

Yes! We love creating standout graphics like podcast cover art, webinar slide decks, and more. Or, you can check out our pre-made templates to just plug-and-play!

At this time, we don’t do promotion. But we can link you to some great resources so you cna do it yourself 🙂


This is a new service offering, and we'd love to help you get started! Get in touch for a free 5-minute audio or video sample and see how much easier your production workflow can be!
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